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Delivery is at customer's own risk and will only take place after payment of products, handling and postage.

Who does the deliveries of my order?
The deliveries worldwide are done via DHL. The additional costs (includes packaging and handling) for delivery are charged on the base of country of destination and the weight in total of the order. The parcels are shipped abbroad (international destinations) via the Worldpack Basic Standard rates.

If a parcel does not arrive within the time specified, increased with a few days for delays, always notify us about it.

You can e-mail your complaint within 2 days via info@handelsondernemingveenstra.nl

If you are under the impression that something went wrong with the order or that you have received the wrong product, you can return the product within 8 days to Handelsonderneming Veenstra online shop in the original packaging after prior consent from Handelsonderneming Veenstra online shop.