To guarantee the privacy of the client we are discreet in dealing with the personal data of the client.

How do we handle the personal data of the client?
All data, saved in our database, will be used in the process of excecuting your orders. When needed we may use the data to get in touch with you. We maintain the right to register your IP address.

Can I have have insight into my data?
You are always entitled to ask for your personal data and if necessary they can be changed or removed from our database. No personal information will be passed on to third parties according to Dutch Privacy Law (WBP).

Who has access to the data?
Access to the data is restricted to the administation personel of Handelsonderneming Veenstra.

What about my rights in the regarding to registration?
By means of a written request in which are mentioned your name, address, phone-number ad e-mail address, you are entitled to have access to your registered personal data. If Handelsonderneming Veenstra (or third parties) are likely to suffer damages in a disproportionate way, we reserve the right to deny the request. Within one week after receiving your request, we will inform you about our decision by e-mail.

Can I have my data removed from the database?
Personal data will be removed from the database if:
• the data turns out to be incorrect.
• the registration of the data does not have any value to the purpose of the registration.
• the registration of the data is in violation of any statutory regulation.

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