ATU 2.0 Control unit for Baby/Midi/Stealth


ATU 2.0 Control unit for Baby/Midi/Stealth

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Loop extremely robust in aluminium. Diameter of the loop tube at the smallest antenna already 50mm, due to the large surface little loss. The ends of the loop tube are welded to the base, no screw connections with transition resistors.

The tunable capacitor is not a rotary capacitor in our loops, but a large, variable plate capacitor made of aluminium with an air dielectric. The two plate packages are also directly welded to the loop tube. Absolutely indestructible even in case of overload due to too high performance! The plate spacing for the smallest antenna is already 14mm! The feed is carried out via a grounded gamma match, so the receiver is effectively protected from overloading by static charging. The tuning takes place via a weatherproof actuator, which opens the loop more or less strongly and thus allows the plate packages of the plate capacitor to dive more or less far into each other. For this purpose, half of the loop is attached to the base with a swivel joint. The joint is bridged with a wide stainless steel band (cross section 120mm2!) to avoid transition resistances. The antennas are supplied almost completely assembled, with the BABY only the mast holder has to be attached to the antenna base (and of course the control unit is connected). The antennas are tuned via an automatic control unit at the radio station. The control unit comes with a built-in power supply for 230 volts. Automatic control unit The automatic control unit has a built-in antenna tuning and is operated via a small additional keyboard: type in frequency, wait a short time, the antenna tunes independently and is ready to send! No tasting, no notes, no cumbersome searching with the SWR meter. Display of frequency and SWR in the LCD of the control unit, standby display by LEDs. The maximum load of the antennas with automatic control unit is 250 watts!

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