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  • Antenna Analyzer Metrovna FX700 700MHz
    • Alleen online

    Metrovna FX700 700MHz

    € 349,00

    FX700 is a vector network analyzer 0.1/700 MHz used to measure all the parameters of an antenna. It has a large 4.3 “touch screen display

  • Metrovna Deluxe 250MHz

    Technical Features METROVNA DELUXE 250MHz
    ◾ Coverage 100KHz/250 MHz 630/1.25mt
    ◾ Measure R,Z,X (no sign),SWR,TL,|Phase|,ReturnLoss,Power
    ◾ Exit DUT -6dBm on 50ohm
    ◾ Min/Max signal imput –70/+0dBm
    ◾ Accuracy +-1dB
    ◾ Operating voltage 3.3V
    ◾ Dimensions 125mm x 95mm x 20mm
    ◾ Weight 200gr

  • Metrovna Pro 180MHz

    Technical Feature MetroVna DELUXE 180MHz
    -Coverage   100KHz/185MHz  630/2mt continuously
    -Measures R, Z, | X |, SWRTL, | Phase |, ReturnLoss,
    Dynamic RF-Meter 70dB
    Maximum input Signal -70/+ 5dBm
    Precision +2dB
    -Operating Voltage 3.3 V
    -Size 128.5 mm x 94 mm x 26 mm
    -Weight 8, 1 oz.
  • metro pwr
    • Alleen online

    metro pwr

    € 0,00

    METROPWR  is a modern VECTOR POWER/SWR METER completely digital