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Xiegu X6200

Xiegu X6200

Xiegu X6200  HF/50MHz all-mode


 - HF/50MHz all-mode
 - Detachable battery pack
 - Built-in efficient automatic antenna tuner
 - Integrated standing wave scanner and voice pager
 - Integrated modem, preset message, CW automatic call
 - Integrated USB line control/transmission, built-in sound card
 - Support remote control, wireless FT8 operation
 - WFM broadcast reception, aviation band reception

The Xiegu X6200 uses a high-performance DRFS platform architecture and is equipped with a powerful baseband and RF unit, bringing amateur radio enthusiasts a more convenient user experience. The new platform architecture provides enthusiasts with higher receiver sensitivity and lower noise coefficient, allowing for clearer reception of signals from different locations.

In addition, X6200 possesses all the characteristics of a super portable device, making it easy to carry outdoors or while traveling. Its compact design and portability allow users to listen to their favorite signals at any time and any place, making the use of transceivers more free and flexible.

The whole machine provides two USB interfaces, supporting HOST and DEVICE. It provides an ACC interface, with a dedicated cable, it can be directly connected to the XPA125B amplifier, to achieve automatic control. It provides a 3.5mmKEY interface for the connection of hand keys and automatic keys. It provides an S/P interface, which can be customized as an external speaker or earphone through menu selection.

X6200 has two preset external expansion component installation positions, which can be used to install external expansion components and integrate them with the host, allowing for applications in other frequency bands or installation of peripherals.


Portable Design: 
X6200 inherits the compact and high performance characteristics of the X6 series. As a new generation flagship ultra-portable transceiver, it combines excellent performance with advanced features to meet your various expectations and requirements for portable ones.

Color Screen: The 4-inch high-resolution color screen (800*480), carrying a powerful quad-core mobile processor, is designed to meet future expansion requirements.

Rich Functions: It has all the elements that an ultra-portable machine should have, including built-in detachable battery pack, built-in high-performance automatic antenna tuner, built-in microphone, recording call, preset message sending, and standing wave scanner.

SDR Structure: X6200 has unique features of SDR, such as variable bandwidth digital filters, digital noise reduction, digital pulse interference elimination, recording call, spectrum/waterfall display, preset messages, modulation/demodulation (CW/RTTY/PSK), etc., meeting the requirements of mainstream digital device configurations.

High-performance DRFS Platform can meet your expectations and needs. Functions comparable to desktop computers, such as remote control, band map, variable band, width digital filter, digital noise reduction, etc., everything needed is ready.

Highly Scalable System: The system, which incorporates deep optimization, not only achieves powerful current functionality but also meets the future expansion needs for additional features, providing players with a richer control experience.



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Xiegu X6200

Xiegu X6200  HF/50MHz all-mode

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