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Belden H2000 Flex   50Ohm Coax Cable

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H 2000 Flex® 50 Ohm is our strongest product for high frequency
H 2000 Flex® is our coax cable for operations in VHF-, UHF- and SHF-bands. The cable is produced with the newest and highest technology standards.   
1. The internal conductor, 2,62 mm in diameter is made of soft annealed copper. 

For the dielectric we use a physical foam which enables very low attenuation values, this highly elastic isolating  material gives you a minimum bending radius of 50 mm. The external diameter of the foam dielectric material is 7,15 mm with a tolerance of +0,15 mm. the customer values of this foam dielectric material are total protection against water and moisture, the cable is also highly flexible and highly durable and perfect for installation in complicated arias or situations where normal cable can't or should not be used, the cable also has a very stable attenuation to a minimum of 3Ghz.

3. H 2000 Flex® double shielding is a perfect high quality solution for coaxial cable usage in high frequency bands. The copper foil is plastic coated and builds the heart of the external conductor. 
4. The external coating is made of black PVC and is UV protected. The soft coating  is ideal for rotating aerial systems which are also the most used aerials from amateur  radio operators. The external coating is 1,2 mm thick with a tolerance of ±0.1 mm  and therefore has the same measurements as the classic RG213U cable and suitable  for plugs and connections you would normally use for the RG213U cable.
5. No cost has been spared on copper.  H 2000 Flex® contains 73 g/m of copper  and because of this high copper content the attenuation values are lower as the tried  and tested famous H100. It is really difficult to find a cable of 10,2 mm whose  characterstics are better than those of H 2000 Flex
6.H 2000 Flex® has a weight of 14 kg per 100 meter.
7.  There are many cables with foamed dielectric, nearly all of these cables are produced  with chemical foam and are sensitive towards moisture. There is a test to check how  cables behave if the environs are humid. Belden used a DAMP HEAT TEST according  to the IEC rules. H 2000 Flex is tested over a period of 21 days with a temperature of  40°C and 93% humidity. After the test the attenuation values are not allowed to exceed  5% of the starting values. This test gives us an exact result and H 2000 Flex® fulfils these rules.
8.Temperature range.                                                                                                                                            H 2000 Flex® has a working temperature of -40°C to +80°C and therefore can be used near enough anywhere in the world. The manufacturer recommends that the lowest installation temperature should not exceed -5°C.


characterstics of H 2000 Flex

construction and thermic characteristics

center conductorbare copper, Ø 2,62 mm
insulationphysical foam, waterresistant  Ø = 7,15 mm
outer conductor 1copper foil, plastic coated
outer conductor 2copper braid
sheathPVC uv-resistant
bending radius50 mm minimum
weight14 kg / 100 m
temperature range-40°C - + 80°C
    for installation more than -5°C
strength1300 N
electrical characteristics
impedance50 ± 2 Ohm
   center conductor3,15 Ohm / 1000 m
   outer conductor11,0 Ohm / 1000 m
   loop14,2 Ohm / 1000 m
voltage max5000 Volt
capacity80 pF/m
screen 10-1000 MHz≥ 90 dB
velocity ratio0,83
return loss 
       5 - 470 MHz> 23 dB
    470 - 862 MHz  > 20 dB
    862 - 2150 MHz  > 18 dB

Dämpfungen - attenuation - demping - attenuazione je 100 m H 2000 Flex



Belastbarkeit - power rating -  puissance -  vermogen - potenza  

frequeny MHztemperature  30°Ctemperature  20°C
76,3 KW7,6 KW
144,5 KW5,4 KW
213,6 KW4,4 KW
283,2 KW3,8 KW
502,4 KW2,8 KW
1441,4 KW1,6 KW
4320,8 KW0,9 KW
9000,5 KW0,6 KW
12960,4 KW0,5 KW
23200,3 KW0,4 KW
50000,2 KW0,3 KW
100000,1 KW0,2 KW

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