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IC-100 Interface kabel

IC-100 Interface kabel

€ 20,00
Incl. B.T.W.

LDG Electronics Antenna Tuner Radio Interface Cables

LDG Electronics Antenna Tuner Radio Interface Cables can make life in the ham shack so much easier! With these cables linking your radio and antenna tuner, you can be sure to have the absolute best antenna match, regardless of frequency changes, for all of the bands that they cover. All that's necessary is to pair your radio to your LDG Tuner and link them with the appropriate cable.

Available cables can link particular Alinco, ICOM, Kenwood and Yaesu radios directly to specific LDG tuners. We have kept the hamfest and flea market folks in mind by listing some LDG tuners that are no longer in production. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the bargain hamfest antenna tuner you picked up has an available cable to interface to your base or mobile rig!

We've done a lot of the homework for you, but please remember that we are not the last word on radio/antenna tuner combinations. There are possibly some pairings that we have missed. That said, these cables offer you the ability to interface your radios and antenna tuners for maximum convenience in achieving full transmitted signal. As the ultimate matchmaker, you'll fall in love with these LDG Electronics Antenna Tuner Radio Interface Cables! Get yours today!

Fits Radio Model Compatible Antenna Tuner
IC-7000 AT-7000
IC-7000 Z-100A
IC-703 Z-100A
IC-703 Plus Z-100A
IC-706 Z-100A
IC-706MKII Z-100A
IC-706MKIIG Z-100A
IC-707 Z-100A
IC-7100 Z-100A
IC-718 Z-100A
IC-7200 Z-100A
IC-728 Z-100A
IC-7300 Z-100A
IC-736 Z-100A
IC-738 Z-100A
IC-7410 Z-100A
IC-746 Z-100A
IC-746PRO Z-100A
IC-756 Z-100A
IC-756PRO Z-100A
IC-756PROII Z-100A
IC-756PROII Z-100A
IC-7600 Z-100A
IC-7610 Z-100A
IC-765 Z-100A
IC-775 Z-100A
IC-775DSP Z-100A
IC-9100 Z-100A

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