Schomandl FIT-400/1700 - portable tester


Schomandl FIT- 400, 1700 - a Series of portable testers for check of systems of a radio communication

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The FIT series belongs to the portable, inexpensive measuring devices intended for fast check digital (including cellular) and analog systems of a radio communication. These testers are used both at operational tests of various equipment, and in various sales outlets, for example for check and fast diagnostics of mobile phones before their return to the service center. Such approach allows to reduce an idle time, reduces expenses, and guarantees return to the manufacturer only of faulty devices. Thus, in addition, the FIT series allows to keep image of this point of retail trade. Work with testers of the FIT series is so simple that after several minutes practically everyone will be able to work with the device. The SCHOMANDL company offers various models of the FIT series, depending on problems of application, and also the chosen frequency range. Frequency ranges with which FIT series testers work cover the majority of the famous standards of analog and cellular systems of a radio communication, including GSM 900, GSM/DCS 1800, AMPS, D-AMPS, TACS, NMT 450/900.

Functional features:

Measurement of power of a direct and return wave
Measurement of coefficient of KSVN
LED indication for control and check of the antenna
Auto detection of pulse transfer
Measurement of power of electromagnetic radiation by means of the antenna and a portable tester for the GSM 900 and GSM/DCS 1800 standards
Deduction (record) of the maximum and minimum value
Ohmmeter for search of malfunctions
Digital voltmeter
Simplicity in work

Technical characteristics:

Range of frequencies
FIT-400 400 MHz - 1000 MHz
FIT-1700 1700 MHz - 2000 MHz

Measurement of power of EMI (neprer. or impulse.)
Range of measurements
FIT-400 20 MW are 50 W
FIT-1700 2 MW are 5 W
Resolution is 0,1 dB
Error (for P = 1 W)
FIT-400 <+ 1.0 dB
FIT-1700 10
Permission: KCBH 1.0 - 3.0 KSVN 3.0 - 5.0 KCBH 5.0 - 10.0 0.1 0.2 0.5
Display of figures., min./max., histograms.
Indication of check of the antenna Red light-emitting diode

Voltage measurement
Range, post. tension 0... 30 V
Resolution is 30 mV
Display of figures., min./max., histograms.

Measurement of resistance
Range of 0.3 Ohms - 1 kOhm
Permission of 0.1 Ohms / 1 Ohm
Display of figures., histograms
Buzzer incl. <8 Ohms

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