LP-700 Station Monitor SWR Power Meter

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LP-700 is a digital station monitor which displays detailed information about the transmitted signal of a station. It displays the sampled signals in numerous formats including Power/SWR, various oscilloscope type displays and a spectrum display. The sampled signals are obtained by demodulating the RF,  like in a traditional wattmeter, and should therefore work on any frequency for which there is a suitable directional coupler with the appropriate voltage scaling and time constants. It should be noted that demodulated samples are audio frequency based and not the same as RF samples. With some types of modulation, the demodulated audio is not a linear representation of the modulation signals, therefore the spectrum display works quite differently than a true spectrum analyzer. This doesn't pose a problem for AM signals, where the demodulated audio is faithful to the modulation signal, but is a challenge for SSB and other signals without a carrier. For this reason, we have developed special test signals which allow for some traditional SSB tests to be performed, although the tests cannot be directly compared to measurements from a true spectrum analyzer. In many cases, though, similar information can be gleaned from the tests, and they can be used for comparative tests to see the effect of changes to the transmitting equipment

General Features

* Bright 5" Color TFT Display w/ 800 x 480 Resolution
 * LP-700 has a larger enclosure and a 7" Display, otherwise the two
   meters are the same.

* 32-bit Main Processor
* Touchscreen controls of all functions, plus physical
   switches for the six main function keys
* Graphics and Audio coprocessors
* (8) 16-bit / 200 ksps ADCs with Adjustable Oversampling
* Low Distortion Proprietary Custom Digital Test Signals
   to Aid in Rig & Amplifier Adjustments using
WFM and
   Spectrum Displays.
* Distinctive Aural/Visual Alarms for Each Channel for both
   Power and SWR.
* Native USB Interface - No Drivers Needed

  (not needed for normal operation)

* Flash Upgradeable
* Includes Windows based "VM" (Virtual Meter) software
   which allows computer control and monitoring of
   the LP-500 locally, or remotely using RDP or a USB Device Server.

* Fast Screen Refresh

* 12VDC Operation / 800 mA maximum.

* Interface to Rig is Through Remotable RF Couplers using
   CAT5/6 cable of any practical length.
* Provides Extensive Information About the Quality of
  Your Transmissions
* Size: LP-500: 9.125"W x 6.1"D x 4.88"H (23.2cm x 15.5cm x 12.4cm)
                   LP-700: 10.125"W x 6.1"D x 5.63"H (25.7cm x 15.5cm x 14.3cm)

Watt / SWR Meter Features

* Couplers for HF, VHF, UHF...   Power up to  10KW
   (VHF / UHF available soon)

* Up to 4 Couplers with Simultaneous Sampling & Auto-Ranging

* NIST Traceable Calibration
* Large Numerals for Power and SWR at a Glance

* Simultaneous Bargraphs for Instantaneous
  Peak Pwr, Average Pwr & SWR

* "Sticky" bar displays highest peaks in all modes

* Flexible Multi-Channel SWR & Power Alarms
   w/ Adjustable Set Points
* SWR Protection Relay Jacks for 2 Amplifiers
*Optical Encoder Adjusts Averaging Time (Fast, Medium, Slow)

Waveform Monitor Scope Features

* Full screen Waveform, Trapezoid & Scope Displays
  (Trapezoid requires two couplers)

* Adjustable Sweep and Trigger with Memory.

* 5 Presets for SSB, CW, PSK plus 3 User Selections

* 10 Vertical Scales per Channel with Memory

* Multiple "Split-Screen" Displays with Combinations of
  Waveform, Power/SWR, Trapezoid and AM Modulation
  (w/ Bargraphs/Readouts for Positive & Negative Peaks).
* Touch Screen Cursors for Measuring Time Intervals & Levels
* Adjustable Peak Markers to Show Preset Power Limits
* Freeze Button to Facilitate Touch Screen Measurements
*Optical Encoder for Adjusting User Sweep Presets and Trapezoid
  Horizontal Gain (Width).

Spectrum Display Features

* Displays Modulation Spectrum of Transmitted Signal,
   as sampled by the coupler *

* Adjustable Span & Averaging
* Linear and Log Frequency Scales
* Adjustable Vertical Reference with +65, +55 & +45 dBm
   Full Scale
* 18 bits Effective Resolution
* Up to 80 dB Measurement Range
* Touch Screen Cursors for Measuring Frequencies & Levels
* Adjustable Peak Level Marker

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